Pediatric Home Service Announces Partnership with RSVP Home Care and Pulmonary Partners

February 25, 2020

February 25, 2020 (Roseville, Minn.) – Pediatric Home Service (PHS), an independent comprehensive home care provider, recently partnered with RSVP Home Care, a pediatric specialist group serving patients in Ohio, and Kentucky. RSVP Home Care and their adult division, Pulmonary Partners, provide specialized in-home enteral nutrition, respiratory care and equipment to patients.

“We are thrilled to partner with RSVP Home Care and Pulmonary Partners,” said PHS Chief Executive Officer Cameo Zehnder. “We share a patient-centric mindset to help people achieve their best lives at home. This partnership allows us to build on already strong relationships and to expand our reach.”

“We are looking forward to bringing additional resources to our population, including PHS’s in-depth education materials,” said RSVP Home Care Founder Mike Downing. “This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen and, over time, expand our services.”

For the next six to 12 months, RSVP Home Care will carry a co-brand with PHS before transitioning to a unified brand under the Pediatric Home Service name. Pulmonary Partners will maintain the existing name.

“Our shared values and critical eye for quality is why we choose to partner with RSVP Home Care,” said PHS’s Chief Clinical Officer Judy Giel. “RSVP Home Care team provides care that mirrors the level and expectations we have for our teams. As such, clinical and operational teams from each organization will remain in place.”

Patients will not see a disruption in services or care. Their primary clinician, access to equipment and supplies, billing, and ordering will remain consistent.

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About Pediatric Home Service

Pediatric Home Service is an independent pediatric home care company helping children with medical complexities and technology dependencies live safely and successfully where they’re most comfortable, at home with their families, rather than in a hospital. Pediatric Home Service partners with health care professionals and family caregivers to deliver compassionate, specialized, high-quality care to children with complex medical needs.

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About RSVP Pediatric Home Care

RSVP Home Care specializes in home pediatric respiratory care. Located in Covington, Kentucky, we serve Cincinnati and the surrounding tri-state area, including portions of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Since opening our doors in 1999, we’ve been committed to bringing the best home medical equipment and supplies to our patients.