Investment Strategy

Healthcare and Insurance Services companies that have favorable investment characteristics

  • Scalable and recurring revenue models – predictable cash flow
  • Low or limited capital expenditure requirements
  • Positioned for transformational growth via improved company performance, organic expansion and sector consolidation
  • Low technology risk

We are flexible in terms of deal size and structure

  • Primarily target companies with $5-$15MM of EBITDA, leveraged deals, control investments although we may start with a minority economic stake
  • Will also consider larger deals as well as smaller growth equity investments where companies can quickly grow to leveragable size
  • Will consider partnering with other PE sponsors, in joint control, who are seeking an operational/strategic catalyst

Deals are often sourced through proprietary relationships

  • We focus on acquisitions from founders, owners, managers of companies, and corporate parents
  • We have a sourcing advantage due to extensive personal network of sector executives, executive recruiters, middle market lenders, and deal brokers/finders

We provide active assistance to management

  • InTandem Capital principals have together successfully acquired, built and managed multiple companies as operators and investors in a variety of health care services sub-sectors
  • We assist management in areas of capital markets, strategy development, service innovation, mergers and acquisitions, sales & marketing, analytical support, and legal and regulatory support
What the CEOs Say

"I selected InTandem as an investment partner because of their proven track record implementing successful growth strategies. Their industry knowledge and business acumen are unmatched."

- Dr. Marlow Hernandez -
CEO, Cano Health